Clean Water Wave CIC

Clean Water Wave cic is a 100% asset-locked, not for personal profit, social enterprise. After 40 years in the water industry, we can deal with most drinking water and wastewater issues. On our research site in Panama, we aim to demonstrate appropriate applied technology to provide safe, clean drinking water, and wastewater treatment that doesn’t cost the earth.

This is not a commercial business for Clean Water Wave cic, we are not selling any products or consultancy. All our information and recommendations are freely given.

Emera Project

We have been working with the Embera indigenous people in the Chagres National Park in Central Panama.

The water supply is from a spring high up in the forest, yet it is loaded with microplastics that are falling from the sky as dust and in rainwater.

The Embera and the forest were the inspiration for the film Avatar. See a video of our site visit below